Ron Klein (inventor of the magnetic credit card strip, MLS, etc.) and Giselle Mota have partnered together to present Preductiv’s MASTERMIND ADAPTIVE LEARNING™. These sessions are conducted at your organization and provide personalized and unique strategies to address pain points that your organization may be facing at any level. 

We empower leaders to address issues in ways that result in reaching desired outcomes. 

We specialize in assisting organizations through their learning and development, and this is a time to focus on the learning and development of leaders to empower them towards real organizational change and success.  With an outside and innovative perspective, strategic and analytic approach, and the expertise of our team, you will reach solutions, come away refreshed, energized, and full of inspiration in the areas you most need.

  • Expertise and experience of Ron Klein and Giselle Mota
  • At your office/location
  • 4-6 leaders per session
  • Actionable strategies and real solutions specific to your pain points

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