Giselle Mota - Founder

 Giselle Mota is the founder of Preductiv (bepreductiv.com), consulting organizations in rethinking strategies and systems in workplace learning in order to achieve productive performance and organizational results. She works with trainers and facilitators to help implement sustainable and scalable learning systems; often curating partner elearning solutions. 

With her engaging and collaborative approach, Giselle is called upon to train on topics that are initially a pain-point and stumbling block for the learners -- executives, administrators, trainers, and adult learners of all types. These learners always come away empowered with a clear direction and action strategy to move into their desired next level; assisting individuals and organizations to maximize their personal and organizational goals through learning opportunities. Giselle has been invited to speak on these topics in venues like TEDx, MIT, DisruptHR, the Global Big Data Conference, and others.

In addition to facilitating, training and consulting Giselle has worked impacted adult learners via instructional design, curriculum development, professorship, college advising, and business coaching. Always contributing as an instrumental change management agent and driver of success.

A Master's in Business alum from Kaplan University, dual Bachelor's in Management & Marketing from the University of South Florida, and always dedicated to professional development and continued learning. 

Giselle is also very passionate about serving and she has led and volunteered with several international and local initiatives to combat issues in economic development and education.

Key Specialties: Facilitation, Training, Change Management, Organizational Design, Business Coaching/Consulting, Human Capital Management, Human Behavior (DISC assessment) Provider, Learning Management, Education Management, LMS, Learning (Data) Analytics, Speaking, Edtech, Learning and Development 

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Giselle Mota, Founder - Consultant

Giselle Mota founded Preductiv with the desire to help organizations become more productive through their learning efforts. There has been a gap between these learning efforts and the desired productivity outcomes that organizations, at corporate and academic levels, aim to achieve. Her background in training, advising, instructional design, and business coaching give her a unique insight into simplified systems that work to produce true learning organization-wide. Together with partner and mentor, Ron Klein, along with a team of thought leaders who provide their advising, she leads Preductiv to empower organizations of all sorts.

Ron Klein, Partner - Consultant

Ron Klein is an icon that helps people reshape their thinking. He is an innovator, strategic advisor, and speaker. Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution. His innovative ideas have changed the world. He is the inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card, Credit Card Validity Checking System and the developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services, Voice Response for the Banking Industry and BOND Quotation and Trade Information for the New York Stock Exchange. 

Consulting Team

Our consultants range from individuals with experience in corporate training, small business consulting, and academic leadership. We are flexible and scalable enough to deploy consultants to meet the individual needs of the organization be it professional development, large or small group sessions, or individual strategic sessions .

Preductiv sharing about the role of AI and automation when it comes to workplace learning at the Hacking HR Forum in Chicago. An outstanding line-up of speakers including Pfizer, IBM, Pymetrics, Blockchain Academy, Intel, and several others have graced the Hacking HR stages. A pleasure to contribute. 

Preductiv at DisruptHR Salt Lake City with a welcoming crowd of Utah's best HR leaders and executives. Discussing the importance of giving staff the type of training and development that they need. Too often, training and L&D is so standardized that it fails to lead to true learning results. This casual talk hopes to inspire L&D and HR leaders to adopt more personalized and engaging learning and training solutions.

Preductiv representing at the casual, fun, and boisterous gathering of HR professionals during DisruptHR Orlando in Florida. Discussing the vital need to focus on training that leads to higher engagement, collaboration, and learning in the workplace. 

Adaptive learning is a tool that can be used across any organization that has a teaching or training component, because as Giselle of Preductiv says, "anyone can learn anything". Here, she shares some insight as to how learning, even in the workplace, can take on an entirely different structure and result in truly productive results.

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