• get the learning outcomes your organization desires; be preductiv.

    We help you enhance training/instruction, improve learning outcomes, & increase organizational productivity 

    our solutions

    We help clients improve learning content, processes, and outcomes

    Preductiv provides the link between desired goals and achieved outcomes: adaptive learning

    Our consulting enhances current organizations' training, instructional delivery and content, with actionable strategies that maximize the learning experience; resulting in organizational productivity. We offer full and half day training sessions (some for continuing education credit), in-services, workshops, and one on one consulting for leaders, trainers, and teachers nationally and internationally. Providing research-based solutions and employing data analytics to amplify both in-person led instruction and e-learning.

    our approach

    Adaptive Learning

    Whether your organization trains at the corporate, small business, or academic levels, we assist you in maximizing your content and delivery in ways that result in truly engaged learners that meet and surpass your organization's desired results.  We formulate strategic learning and development plans that are personalized and adaptive to the learner.


    Training and teaching programs are most effective when true learning occurs. We analyze e-learning environments and recommend customized strategies to ensure true learning of any concepts, thus maximizing your ROI and getting your learners to become productive. Let us review your current LMS and integrate customized adaptive analytics with our platform used by more than 500 institutions globally. If you do not have an LMS, we can also create a system that works for you.

    Professional Development

    We equip trainers, teachers, facilitators,  and L&D staff with the tools they need to become productive in creating productive staff, or learners. Our varied sessions offer real solutions to empower organizations to in turn empower their people.

    Learning content and delivery needs to adapt to the needs of learners, because everyone can learn.  AI powered learning can help. Its one thing to present training materials using a one-size fits all approach, but an entirely productive approach to adapt the content and delivery to meet the pain-points, challenges, and different styles of your learners. This is where true learning across the board takes place, leading to productive organizational results. We help your organization do just that. 

    places we've been

    Our consultants have worked with major organizations such as


    • Discount store retailers and components of the S&P 500 Index
    • Mutual insurance firms
    • Multinational professional services networks
    • Non-profit US based interest groups
    • Media companies
    • International tax preparation companies
    • Government agencies
    • Department store companies
    • Several universities, colleges and school districts globally


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